Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at Advanced Composites Incorporated (ACI) provides the highest quality fiber-reinforced composite products, professional services and innovative solutions available. ACI’s products are delivered on time and within budget in order to earn customer respect and loyalty.

Our Philosophy

We believe that good business practices are very simple: take care of people and value relationships. Consequently, we place a lot of emphasis on building partnerships over the long term. By providing consistently great, quality products on schedule, we keep our customers coming back. If the need arises to return product (for example, damaged in shipment) the process is hassle-free.

When a customer chooses ACI as their composites manufacturer, we work with focus and dedication to ensure an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship. We consistently reach for, and achieve, customer satisfaction (measured through surveys or score cards). In our filament winding and molding operations, we focus on producing lasting, high-performance composite structures while controlling costs. That’s what keeps customers returning year after year.

Our Core Values from Our Mission

  • Provide the customer with the best manufacturing solutions, services and products alongside our mission.
  • Demonstrate the highest attention to every detail of the design and manufacturing process, continually improving ACI’s quality management system.
  • Respond in a timely manner to the needs of ACI customers.
  • Take responsibility for ACI decisions at the individual and company levels. Management is committed to comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • ACI is passionate about what it does and is driven to excel in every aspect of the business. That’s the reason for consistently fostering growth while maintaining profitability.

How Our Mission Plays In The ACI Culture

At ACI, the pursuit of new and evolving composites technologies while having decades of experience in filament winding, composites design, and quality assurance of composites manufacturing processes is ongoing. ACI’s expertise in various composites fabrication technologies allows for the creation of incredibly strong and lightweight composite structures. Through innovative prototyping programs, finite element analysis tools, and efficient manufacturing practices, ACI controls the development and long-term production costs for customers seeking filament wound, fiber-reinforced tubing, compression molded urethane and carbon structures, specialty aramid components and a wide variety of other end-use products for aerospace, defense and commercial applications.

Our Mission

Nestled into the Wasatch range of the Rocky Mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah, our mission at Advanced Composites Inc. is clear but don’t just rests on the edge of the nation’s backbone. The ACI manufacturing facility is located in West Valley City, a borough of Salt Lake City just west of Salt Lake City proper. At more than four thousand feet in elevation, the Salt Lake Valley has a semi-arid climate and less oxygen than flat-landers tend to be accustomed to. We like to think the ratified air keeps us alert and creative. Certainly, the Salt Lake City locale offers plenty of outdoor diversions when we’re not at work. From winter skiing to summer hiking, mountain biking and camping, the region is a mecca for outdoors enthusiasts. The Great Salt Lake, which lies just to the north of us, is the biggest body of inland salt water in the entire Western Hemisphere. With red rock country to the south, alpine mountains nearby, and a variety of unique geologic features, we live in a regional playground of astonishing variety.

Salt Lake City and its surrounding regions are home to a booming aerospace industry, so much that PwC recently ranked Utah fourth, nationally, for “aerospace manufacturing attractiveness.”