Universal Pin Ring


The Universal Pin-Ring was developed by Advanced Composites for low-angle filament winding. The Pin-Ring is a low cost alternative to time wasting, self-fabricated systems.

Two sizes available: Large and Small
Large: 3/8″ pin diameter, 16 paired rows per 12″ ring
Small: 3/16″ pin diameter, 48 paired rows per 12″ ring

  • Works well with standard thermosets
  • Pin Rings are injection molded polypropylene forms (other materials can be used)
  • Standard 12″ straight lengths can be trimmed to desired length if needed
  • Cuts easily with scissors
  • Minimal fiber bridging
  • Longer usable part lengths / less waste
  • Rigid pins minimize fiber slippage
  • Less fiber damage / breakage
  • Designed to conform to most any surface
  • Compact storage / multiple size ranges for minimal inventory and space requirements
  • No more hand made pin-rings


Quantity                       Price
1 to 192                     $3.25 each
1 box (192 ea.)           $2.30 ea. – $451.20/box
3 boxes (or more)        $2.00 ea. – $384.00/box

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