Resin Composites

Critical chemistry for peak filament winding outcomes is key to what we do and how we do it. Because resins are so integral to the strength of a composite structure, Advanced Composites Inc. has invested considerably into researching and developing our own proprietary resin formulations. With detailed understanding of the mechanical and chemical bonds that form between fiber and resin, ACI engineers have designed specific resins targeted to specific applications.

On-site filament winding formulation technician is always there to ensure that our products and customers are taken care of.¬†Advanced Composites technicians follow precise recipes in mixing prescribed resins, and log all steps of the resin’s formulation into a computer as part of ACI‘s quality control tracking program.

Filament winding resin types.

We use a variety of high-grade plastic resins in various combinations. Our proprietary resins mixtures often include such substances as poly-ether ether ketone (PEEK), polyethylene, vinyl ester, cyanide ester and various other polyesters. We select specific combinations of these plastics based on their respective thermosetting profiles, as well as such criteria as heat resistance, hardness, flexibility, tensile strength and compression strength.