Aramid Composites

Aramid CompositesAramid composites: a super-strong aromatic polyamide.

Aramid composites are a class of synthetic fiber produced by axially aligned aromatic polyamide molecules that are hydrogen bonded into radial plates. Because the chain molecules align with the fiber axis, the strength of the chemical bond is maximized. Hence, aramids have high tenacity and modulus. When embedded in a polyester or epoxy matrix, the aramid/resin composite material offers extraordinary tensile strength (albeit low compressive strength). This makes aramid composite materials abrasion resistant, heat resistant, non-conductive and with a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Common commercial uses for aramid composites include body armor, flame-resistant clothing, heat protective gear, ropes and cables, rubber reinforcement, fiberoptics and thermoplastic pipes.

Advanced Composites Inc. and aramid.

Advanced Composites has made specialty aramid composite structures for such varied applications as defensive military shielding, catastrophic failure prevention systems and high-temperature coverings.