ACI CareersOpen Positions

Composites Manufacturing Technician – Day Shift
Composites Manufacturing Technician – Night Shift
Maintenance Technician
Quality Inspector – Day Shift
Quality Inspector – Night Shift
Mechanical/Materials Science Intern
Manufacturing / Composites Engineer
Manufacturing Process Engineer & Supervisor

ACI Careers – A great place to work, for many reasons.

ACI careers contributes to the vibrant Salt Lake City economy and is an attractive company for which to work, in no small part because of the terrific benefits we offer to our employees. From benefits to lifestyle rewards (see below), ACI continues to attract and retain quality employees with its range of perks.

Expanding our filament winding and composites manufacturing capabilities.

Advanced Composites Inc. is one of Utah’s premiere filament winding composites manufacturers and was named 2014 Manufacturer of the Year by the Utah Manufacturing Association. This award was given because of the stellar Advanced Composites Inc. workplace safety record, because of ACI’s robust growth and profitability (more on this below), and because of ACI’s investment into its employees.

A major aerospace composites manufacturer.

Advanced Composites Inc. has a history of serving some of the nation’s largest aerospace and defense contractors. From the filament winding of tubular structures for armaments, to manufacturing various aircraft components, Advanced Composites Inc. continues to expand our aerospace and defense manufacturing repertoire, servicing long-term contracts and bringing on new contracts.

The Advanced Composites Inc. safety record.

ACI has a proven history of workplace safety. That’s because we take the health and well-being of our workers seriously. To this end, we have a rigorous safety program, which has resulted in a eight-year current record of no lost-time accidents.

Benefits of working at Advanced Composites Inc.

Advanced Composites Inc. offers a number of perks and benefits.

  • Traditional workplace benefits offered by ACI.

Advanced Composites Inc. offers an excellent benefits package that includes health and dental insurance, life and disability insurance, an excellent 401(k) plan with matching contributions, paid vacation, and paid time off.

  • Advanced Composites Inc. lifestyle benefits.

ACI reward employees for healthy lifestyle choices. To this end, we offer incentives and bonuses when employees take on and complete basic health and wellness challenges such as getting sufficient sleep, exercising, etc.

  • Workplace benefits.

Advanced Composites Inc. employees accrue cash rewards for consistent attendance and for workplace safety.

  • Advanced Composites Inc soccer team.

If you love soccer, you’ll want to join the year-round Advanced Composites Inc. soccer team. We play against other companies in our locale, and have a blast, whether we win or lose. If you’re not a soccer player, you may just enjoy watching the action and cheering on your team.