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Is One Of The Best Filament Winding Companies in North America.

We specialize in various fields to include Aerospace, Defense and Commercial applications. ACI has an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D registered quality management system. It works through careful identification and measurement of key performance indicators from design stages through manufacturing. With your ideas and our teams, we can work together to bring about product realization that is focused, delivered within budget and exceeds performance expectations. ACI is a custom manufacturer combining the conveniences of a small company’s versatility with the depth of experience and expertise of a large company’s resources. Advanced Composites, Inc. believes that close customer-supplier relationship is the key to customer satisfaction.

Integrity Based Leadership

Strong Engineering

Vision, Passion & Discipline

High Quality Products

Over 32 years of experience

We are serious when it comes to leading an industry and with your ideas and our experience, we can make your product come to life.  We know composites!

Safety and Good Compliance

We don’t joke when it comes to safety.  We are currently on our 6th, almost, 7th year of having an accident-free zone.  We take our processes and safety just as serious as our products.

Profitable Growth

Not only to do we cater to government projects, but we are breaking into the B2B and B2C markets that are allowing economic growth on both sides.

End to End Solution

From A to Z, our communication is one of the KPI’s we measure by to ensure that quality demands are met and customers have a high-end product to sell.

Honest and Dependable

This is at the core of each of our employees.  If we don’t start with the right people in place, integrity can be compromised, which we won’t allow.

Improving Always

Refine. Refine. Refine.  It’s part of who we are and why we do what we do.  If there is a better way to do it, we will figure it out and make it that much better.

We are Leading the Compositing Industry in Aerospace Technology, Direct
Wholesales and Consumer Products.

Advanced Composites Manufacturing and More.

Advanced Composites Inc. is an award-winning manufacturer of aerospace composite structures,  for defense, carbon fiber tubing and commercial carbon and fiberglass structures. Filament winding and compression molding are also a part of what we do here at. Advanced Composites Inc.

For more than twenty years, ACI has used filament winding machines, molds, and superior carbon and fiberglass materials to produce high-performance structures for some of the world’s most advanced and demanding applications. In addition to filament winding, we also incorporated compression molding, reaction injection molding and lay-up compositing processes into our production repertoire. From carbon and fiberglass tubing to intricate components for medical devices to aerospace and military parts, ACI can meet all of your manufacturing needs when dealing with composites.

If you need assistance developing your composite product, our engineering department can actualize your design and show you what it’s capable of. Or help you develop a design. ACI has the engineering capacity to model, test and prototype it for you.

Upon completion of all developmental phases, we can use our filament winding or molding technologies to make a first production run with ongoing testing with a second, third and so on runs. We’ll handle all of your filament winding, design, prototyping, modeling, engineering, compression molding and other composite fabrication needs.

Manufacturing composites for every industry.

Advanced Composites Inc. has produced composite structures for some the largest US manufacturers across a range of industries. We make carbon and glass tubes and various other components for aerospace, defense and commercial filament winding applications. Regardless of project scope, we know how to meet your deadlines and quality standards. Consistently, with our design and prototyping division, a robust quality assurance program, six filament winding machines and an arsenal of additional production infrastructure, ACI is prepared to handle all of your manufacturing needs.

Advanced Composites has enjoyed steady and sustainable growth since its incorporation in 1991. In addition to filament winding, Advanced Composites Inc. manufactures composite products with compression molding, reaction injection molding and lay-up production technologies. As a result of such growth, we’ve undergone a series of architectural expansions to accommodate our swelling workforce and increased output. The most recent of these expansions came online in the spring of 2015 and included a significant addition to our manufacturing work space. With this outgrowth, Advanced Composites’ facility now boasts nearly 50,000 sq ft of floorspace. Read more about ACI’s infrastructure…

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